Our investment services are designed typically for individuals, trusts, private companies and personal and small corporate pension funds. There are two main aspects to our investment services, portfolio management and fund management.

Portfolio Management

For clients who require a personalised portfolio we can provide either a discretionary or a non-discretionary portfolio service.

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Heritage Investment Funds

The majority of our clients choose to base their portfolios around the Heritage Investment Funds. In addition to being the simplest and most efficient way to manage the investment portfolio it also reduces costs and provides tax planning opportunities.

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Heritage is able to act as the investment manager for personal pensions (such as SIPPs) as well as for small company pension schemes.

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Cash Management

Any cash left uninvested in the Heritage investment account is managed to ensure that competitive interest rates are obtained. Regular or ad hoc payments can also be made from the Heritage investment account to a client’s own bank account or to other third parties.

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ISA Management

For clients of Heritage Capital Management we are able to offer a service that allows us to manage ISAs as part of their overall portfolio.

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Custody & Security

We understand that the selection of an investment manager to whom you entrust your capital is not something which is undertaken lightly. As we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority we comply with strict rules and regulations concerning our capital adequacy and all aspects of our business operation, which is also audited annually to ensure compliance. Clients’ cash and investments are held entirely separately from those of Heritage in client accounts with suitable banks and custodians.

Becoming a Client

After we have established your investment objectives and agreed a suitable investment strategy in principle, you will need to sign the appropriate agreement (Client Questionnaire & Investment Services Agreement). Once this has been done we can assist in the transfer of existing holdings and cash into your Heritage investment account and begin to implement the investment strategy.

Reporting & Communications

An important facet of any Portfolio Management service is the level and quality of communication received both on a general day to day and formal reporting basis. From both points of view we are able to communicate with you at a level you require. We will provide a formal valuation and review of your portfolio, including cash account statements, quarterly. Interim valuations on an ad-hoc basis are available on request. In addition to our formal reports you will also have the ability to discuss any aspects of your portfolio or our services with one of our investment directors.

Financial Planning

We are also able to arrange general financial services including tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning and insurance through a network of advisors and brokers that we work closely with. Full details of all the above services are available on request.

Offshore Services

HFL Limited, a Guernsey fiduciary company with whom we have a long standing association, provides a comprehensive range of offshore financial services including the formation and administration of offshore trusts and companies as well as other general fiduciary services.


Our fee schedule.

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