It makes sense for individuals to maximise their tax-free investment allowances if at all possible and many investors will have already built up substantial ISA (Individual Savings Accounts) portfolios. The maximum amount that you can invest per tax year into an ISA has recently increased to £15,000 (for 2014/15).

How it works in practice
Traditionally most individuals have tended to subscribe to various ISA plans based on funds provided by the UK’s large fund management groups.

For clients of Heritage Capital Management we are able to offer a service that allows us to manage ISAs as part of their overall portfolio. This is possible through an arrangement that we have entered into with one of the UK’s leading stockbrokers. A client simply opens a “self-select” ISA account and appoints Heritage as their agent. This allows us to manage the ISA account, which has the following benefits;

All ISA money accumulated from successive years’ contributions are held and managed within a single portfolio.

We can ensure that a client has a correctly balanced portfolio with an accurate asset allocation as we are able to consider all investments as part of an overall consolidated portfolio.

We will include the ISA on the client’s regular quarterly consolidated portfolio valuation so that the overall position can be easily seen and understood (and consolidating husband and wife portfolios if required).

The client can avoid the high initial charges typically associated with most ISA investments.

We take care of the management, dealing, and administration which is all included in our usual standard annual management fee.

This service is available for all clients with an existing ISA portfolio transfer value of £100,000 or more or for clients who have other investments such as pensions managed by Heritage.

Further information
Further information and the relevant application, transfer and agency forms are available on request.

Important note
Heritage is an investment manager and not a financial advisor so if a client requires any advice as to the suitability of ISAs and how this fits into an overall financial plan they should seek appropriate financial advice – which we are happy to arrange through an association we have with a well established regulated advisor.


Download a copy of our ISA Management PDF